gate 16.

that's where i'm sitting right now. i've been up since 3. try to control your jealousy. i'm enjoying a steaming cup of starbuck's hot chocolate while i wait for my plane to board. i'm flying to new york with a lovely stop in DC. i've never been to either of these places so i'm kind of excited. i'm really used to flying alone, but i'm a teensy bit nervous because i'm not flying southwest, and i'm flying in the new york region. i just get nervous easy. southwest is my airline of choice; i'm in love with them. anyways, i am flying alone on US Airways, and i will meet uncle harry in DC, and we will fly to NYC on the same flight. i'm happy about that.

so, i'm dancing in this parade. you may have heard of it. it's called the macy's thanksgiving day parade. i'm wearing a ridiculous costume, but you only live once, so oh well. my precious sister's, laura and lynne, and dancing with me as well as cousin amanda who isn't actually my cousin but that's what we call her. mommy and kelsey are coming too, and obviously uncle harry and aunt cindy will be there. we're dancing in herald's square (thats the big square with the star on it in front of macy's) at 9am. it's on NBC if you care to watch it. no guarantees that you'll actually see any of us, but you can just pretend like  you did.

on another note, there is a precious baby sitting across from me right now, and i'm tempted to snatch him right up. that's not a crime, right? also, i for sure don't understand when parents ask their children what the child would like them to do. like hello? you da boss, mommy. you can decide where your 2 year old sits.

well. so long.

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